AXOLIST is suitable for manufacturers, dealers, sellers, vendors, brand owners, content optimizers, freelancers and agencies. Everyone who offers products on Amazon needs SEO-optimized Amazon content. AXOLIST offers the possibility to involve different stakeholders in the project with a sophisticated rights and role management.

AXOLIST is available in different models, which differ according to the intended use. You can find the price list here.

AXOLIST is available in German & English. Product optimizations can be created for the Amazon marketplaces Germany, England, France, Italy, Spain and USA. Other countries can also be integrated on request.

Yes, AXOLIST itself is a tool that can be used for product optimization. We have a large network of professional optimizers for the languages German, English, French, Italian and Spanish that are already integrated into the system. Here you can find our prices.

We are constantly working on the further development of AXOLIST. We have a long list of features that we are gradually bringing into the system. You have feedback or a special feature request? Write us at hello@axolist.com