AXOLIST – The Amazon Content Tool

AXOLIST facilitates Amazon product listing optimization including briefing, keyword research, copy-writing and translations. An integrated feedback process reduces the workload to a minimum.



AXOLIST makes it easy to maintain an overview by grouping together multiple brands, projects and listings efficiently and easily.

Be always up to date on which listing needs feedback and which listing is ready to be uploaded.

Roles and permissions

AXOLIST supports a multi-level role and rights system. This way you can set up users for your agency, your customers, your copywriters, quality managers or external freelancers. AXOLIST has the right role for everyone.

Clear rules

You specify how your Amazon content should look like: Whether language, title length, number and length of bullet points, forbidden characters, forbidden keywords – AXOLIST supports a variety of specifications.

Full integration

AXOLIST combines everything you need in one tool: Briefing, keyword research, copywriting, translation and feedback. No more endless Excel lists and infinite versions.

Keyword research

With our powerful keyword research tool you quickly find the best keywords for your products. Large keyword lists can be quickly prioritized by search volume or search rank.

Import / Export

Listings can be imported from Amazon at the click of a button or created en masse using Excel files. You can easily create exports in Excel that you can forward to Amazon.


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Amazon optimization briefingAmazon optimization briefing


Create briefings for product optimization in no time. Define “must-have” keywords or exclude search terms via the negative list.

Upload product-specific attachments such as images or PDFs to facilitate the content creation.

Keyword research

Research relevant keywords from various sources such as Amazon Suggest, search rank, competitor ASINs, most common keywords or with the help of your own keyword lists at the click of a button.

Prioritize relevant keywords according to search volume and search rank using intelligent filters. You will get a useful keyword list for your Amazon product listing instantly.

Amazon Keyword-Recherche und Keyword-PriorisierungKeyword research and keyword prioritization
Amazon Listing-Regeln definierenDefine listing rules

Listing rules

Define what requirements you have for the listing elements of each project.

Specify character limits or a minimum number of characters for each element, such as title, bullet, description, or the general keywords.

Make sure that you do not violate Amazon’s style guides by excluding prohibited characters.


Distribute the prioritized keywords to the different content elements such as title, bullet points, description or hidden keywords with a single click.

The keywords used are highlighted in green. In addition, listings can be imported directly from Amazon or translated into other languages easily.

Amazon Content-Tool Produktlistings OptimierenAmazon listing editor
Import Amazon listing and optimiseImport Amazon listing and optimize it

Import Live-listings and compare them

Import your live product listing from Amazon with one click to further optimize it.

Used keywords are highlighted in colour.

Compare your live version with your changes to the product listing.

Compare listing-versions

During the optimization you create different versions of a listing. With the AXOLIST versioning tool, you can compare differences of an older listing version at any time.

The diff-checker highlights each change in color.

With one click you restore an older version.

Listing-Versionen mit dem Diff-Checker vergleichenCompare listing-versions with the diff-checker
Amazon Listing übersetzenTranslate Amazon listing

Translate listings for different marketplaces

Translate listings into other languages with a few mouse clicks using Deepl’s built-in translator feature.

Many languages are supported.

Native speakers included

We have a large network of content specialists. These native speakers create cost-effective product listings within AXOLIST that sell. We cover German, English (US and UK), French, Italian and Spanish.

Feedback zum Produktlisting hinterlegenProvide feedback on the product listing

Integrated feedback and release management

Integrate your customers, copywriters or internal quality managers into the content creation process. Assign each user a dedicated role with the right permissions.

Feedback and listings are all in one place. This way, listings can be approved directly in AXOLIST. No more endless Excel sheets or Word documents where time-consuming version control becomes a nightmare.

Manage and transfer product photos

Manage all of your product images in one central place in AXOLIST. Assign the right images to your listings. Change the order of the product images per drag & drop.

Automated upload to Amazon with one click (seller only).

BIlderupload Seller CentralImage management in AXOLIST
Amazon Listing ImportImport Amazon listing

Also optimized for large portfolios

Do you need to optimize many listings in a short time? Use the flexible import function to upload hundreds of listings to AXOLIST with just a few clicks.

Use the integrated rights management system to distribute the listings to the optimizers.

Once you’re done, export the finished results just as easily.

Connection to seller central for direct update

You can connect as many seller accounts as you like via interface and update your content with a few clicks directly from AXOLIST.

Amazon Content an Seller Central übertragenTransfer Amazon content to Seller Central

What others say about AXOLIST

I have been using AXOLIST for several months in my company and I am very happy with it. The tool helps me to implement amazon content changes easily and to perform keyword research efficiently. Especially creating listings in different amazon marketplaces in multiple languages this tool is excellent to use. This way, I am constantly improving our product presentation on amazon.- Isabell Lopez Alguiar iFixit GmbH
In the beginning we worked a lot with Trello, Excel lists, Word or Google Docs documents. This quickly became inefficient. With AXOLIST we get the process costs down and the quality up.- Stephan Bruns, Managing Director REVOIC
AXOLIST was originally developed as an internal tool for our Amazon agency REVOIC. Meanwhile we have made this tool available to our customers, enabling them to text even large product portfolios efficiently.- Trutz Fries, Managing Director REVOIC


3P Sellers

Sellers with private labels can efficiently optimize large product portfolios with AXOLIST. Tools like AXOLIST reduce the process costs to a minimum.


Vendors are directly responsible for maintaining their brands on Amazon. Even today, many products are still poorly optimized and therefore cannot be found. Through the role and permission system in AXOLIST, all stakeholders involved within an organisation (think marketing, sales, product management) can be meaningfully integrated.


Agencies often create a large number of listings for their customers. They work with internal and external specialists, who can all work together in one tool with the help of AXOLIST. The customer can also provide his feedback directly in the tool and approve made changes.

Amazon FBA Buch für Seller

“AXOLIST is one of the leading tools in Amazon content management.”

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99 €per user and month (17% discount for annual payment)
  • Unlimited number of accounts, projects and listings
  • Keyword research and prioritization module with various keyword sources
  • Amazon Listing Editor with integrated versioning
  • Connection to Seller Central possible for 1-click content updates
    Import / Export Function
  • Role and rights management